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Doctor and Patient Team

Taking the pulse of an older patient

You’re not alone. Our top focus is on minimizing your pain and maximizing function and mobility in your everyday life.  Dr. Khan’s Team will provide all of his patients with the quality care and compassion they deserve. Through research and applied experience, we are advancing pain management treatments for a variety of acute and chronic pain conditions. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and pain treatment services are further enhanced by partnerships with other leading specialists and hospital affiliations. Through an interdisciplinary approach to pain management, we provide comprehensive evaluation of our patients, factoring in physical, functional, emotional and psychological needs.  Both Dr. Khan and the Patient work together to formulate and implement a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce pain and improve function. Dr. Khan and his staff are also recognized for being attentive and caring.


Providing you with the best care

Independent Medical Evaluation

The healthcare professionals conduct an examination of an individual to help answer specific questions related to a variety of situations, e.g., a disability claim; workers' compensation case; a personal injury lawsuit (tort claim); impaired professionals program; or sexual harassment in the workplace.

Independent medical examinations may be conducted to determine the cause, extent and medical treatment of a work-related or other injury where liability is at issue; whether an individual has reached maximum benefit from treatment; and whether any permanent impairment remains after treatment. An independent medical examination may be conducted at the behest of an employer or an insurance carrier to obtain an independent opinion of the clinical status of the individual.

Pain Management

Many pain conditions, both chronic and acute, are difficult to completely cure. Unfortunately, this leaves many patients enduring their pain, unable to perform their usual activities. At Rehabilitation & Pain Management Center of MD, we focus on managing pain through therapy and minimally invasive treatments so patients can enjoy living life free from pain. We recognize every patient is different, which is why we approach each one from a unique perspective, delivering a truly individualized treatment experience.

Personal/ Work Related and 


Auto Accident Injuries

Regardless of field and industry, there’s always a chance that an employee can get injured on the job. At Rehabilitation & Pain Manangement Center ond MD, our mission is to help injured workers recover from all kinds of painful conditions.

At Rehabilitation & Pain Management Center and MD


  • Organized care from specialists and supplementary providers

  • Quick relay of appropriate documentation, including status request forms and visit notes faxed within 24-hours of appointment

  • Clear and timely communication

  • Limited / no prescription of narcotics

  • Minimal lost time at work

  • Identification of malingering cases

  • Rapid Return of patient’s pre-condition status

  • Expedited case closure


Frequently Asked Questions about Pain Management

Do you need a referral for pain management?

A referral is required for several reasons. The most important is to provide the evaluating pain management physician with all relevant history and data so that the consultation is productive and focused on the patient and his/her pain problem.  Some insurances require referral to see a pain specialist. The best way to obtain a referral to a pain management specialist is through your primary care physician.

Should I drive myself to my pain management appointment?

Depending on your circumstances, you will be advised of the need for someone to drive you home after your first appointment. It is our policy that every patient who has an invasive procedure must have a ride home. Many procedures performed can cause associated numbness, weakness, and/or loss of position sense, which can make the ability to operate an automobile difficult.

What happens at the first pain management appointment?

It is important to know what to expect at your first pain management appointment. At your first visit, you meet with Dr. Khan who reviews your pain problem and medical history. He performs a medical history, physical examination and reviews any test or radiology reports. Your physician will develop a customized pain treatment plan based on your individual assessment. This initial evaluation is important, because a full and complete assessment is a key component in developing your customized treatment plan.

Will I be treated on the first visit to a pain management clinic?

In some cases, patients are treated on the first visit. However, most patients will be scheduled for their follow up visit after undergoing appropriate preparation. At Rehabilitation and Pain Management Center of MD the pain management process consists of communication with the patient’s primary care physician and specialists as part of a team approach to a comprehensive care plan.

Who do I call for a prescription refill?

In general you should contact the office of the physician who prescribed the medication. Please note that opiate analgesic prescriptions are NEVER renewed over the telephone.

Will my pain doctor act as my primary care physician?

We respect the integrity of your relationship with your physician and recognize its value as a vital source of information and support in your pain management treatment plan. We work with your physician, keeping them updated on your care and follow-up plans as well as educating how pain management clinics work.

Do you offer detox?

Yes. When you come to our office, what’s important about your past is how it can help you reclaim your future. We offer judgment-free treatment, and respond to your honesty with a personalized plan.

Where can I find additional information about pain conditions and disorders?

Links to organizations that may be helpful if you are affected by pain conditions and disorders

American Pain Foundation
National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
American Pain Society

Where can I find a pain support group?

Organizations such as National Foundation for the Treatment of PainAmerican Pain Society and American Pain Foundation sponsor support groups within each network. To learn more about each organization and a support group near you, click on a link above.


If you believe the Rehabilitation & Pain Management Center of MD is right for you, please make an appointment.

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